PMW Aero is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Our quality assurance lab is enabled by world-class Zeiss equipment. Our 4 Zeiss CMM machines have a work envelope of X = 1,200, Y = 1,800, Z = 1,000, and include the Surfcom Touch, Surfcom NEX 100, and Contura CMM models.


Integrated Assembly

PMW Aero provides value-added assembly services to complement the Company’s advanced machining solutions. Our current assembly operations are being integrated into the Liberty facility.

Process Optimization

The culture at PMW Aero encourages engineers and machinists to continuously evaluate changes from lessons learned to further cost optimize machining techniques. Our ongoing, dynamic evaluation of “make vs. buy” decisions optimize lead times and growth, along with being able to manage a responsive, quality-focused supply chain.

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