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Our AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 qualty system is engineered to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, the most stringent requirements of industry and regulatory standards, and the safety of our employees.  It is built around proven, best-practice processes supported by world-class equipment and software systems.  All of this is focused on reducing risk for our customers and continuously improving our efficiency, on-time-delivery, and safety.

A critical cornerstone to our succcess, our Quality and Metrology lab operates in a controlled environment and is equipped with best-in-class digital qualitly assurance and quality control equipment.  Using an array of Zeiss technology, our Contura CMM, Surfcom Touch, and Surfcom NEX equipment is enhanced by PiWeb statistical analysis and reporting capabilties.  This allows our team to quickly and effectively analyze the most complex data, and to prepare a broad range of highly detailed reports, including FAI and PPAP support.  Our 4 Zeiss CMM machines have a work envelope of X=1,200, Y=1,800, Z=1,000.  

Process Optimization

The culture at PMW Aero encourages engineers and machinists to continuously evaluate changes from lessons learned to further cost optimize machining techniques. Our ongoing, dynamic evaluation of “make vs. buy” decisions optimize lead times and growth, along with being able to manage a responsive, quality-focused supply chain.

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